Two weeks to go…

Orca-engineI think we are both little surprised how fast those winter months have passed and now only two weeks separate us from another trip. I guess it’s time to dust off my Tilley, make few lists and gather camping gear in one place.

Orca was taken to the garage in March for checks. The front wheel bearing and the track rod finally wore out last year and had to be replaced. We also changed passenger seat belt, bled the breaks, removed rusted door speakers, replaced light bulbs and asked the electrician to double-check indicators, horn and dashboard lights, as those were not always working properly. Finally Orca was taken to another garage and got a brand new set of summer tires. We also rummaged around the tool section in local store for a few ratchet spanners, listed and repacked all tools and spare parts. We still don’t have a car jack…

When it got a little warmer, we scrubbed her inside, took the curtains to wash, cleaned up the fridge and checked if everything is working: leisure battery, water pump, cooker, kitchen light, car stereo… Finally, with the priceless help of the internet, we set up ignition timing (tutorial) and adjusted the points (video).

There are things left to do, before we go. Car-wash is in order. Also buying a Europe-wide SIM card, Camping Key Europe card, Nordic Camper Guide and updating the Sat-nav. Most of the countries we are going to visit this year are in Schengen Area, which makes crossing borders a breeze but otherwise, roaming charges, breakdown covers, ATM charges and several currencies make it slightly more complicated that it should be. Still, we remain hopeful 🙂


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